Outline of Sound and Vibration Measuring Instruments

Sound and vibrations are always present in our surroundings. Therefore it is no surprise that measuring instruments such as sound level meters and vibration level meters are used in a wide variety of situations on a daily basis.
Some examples of sound related applications:
  • Reverberation time measurements of concert halls and other venues
  • Sound insulation measurements of apartment buildings and other dwellings
  • Quality control, inspection, and R & D of automobiles, machinery, electrical goods and other industrial products
  • Maintenance of large industrial machinery
  • Environmental noise monitoring in factories, cars, airplanes etc.
  • Designing an improved work environment
  • Voice analysis and vocal training in the medical field
  • Field studies of birds, fish or other animals
Some examples of vibration related applications:
  • Inspection and quality management of industrial products
  • Vibration testing during product R & D
  • Early fault detection in large industrial machinery
  • Equipment and facility maintenance and error diagnosis
  • Monitoring of environmental vibration related to traffic and other causes
  • Evaluation of the effect of vibrations on human health and well-being
Sound and vibration measurements are vital for many aspects of our daily lives and contribute significantly to the creation of a quieter and safer environment.

Designated Manufacturer According to the Japan Measurement Law

RION CO., LTD. is a designated manufacturer according to the Japan Measurement Law, having obtained the designation for sound level meters on May 13, 1998 (designation number 341301) and for vibration level meters on March 6, 2000 (designation number 351301).
A designated manufacturer is officially recognized by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry as having excellent manufacturing facilities as well as effective quality control systems. Such a manufacturer is allowed to carry out individual measuring instrument testing in lieu of national certification testing bodies (for sound level and vibration level meters, this is the Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA)).
This designation brings significant advantages and allows us to:
1  Implement product quality management at a higher level 2  Supply products to customers with the latest certification data 3  Reduce the costs for certification
As a result, the level of service provided to our customers has been further enhanced.
In-house certification is possible for the following products.
Sound Level MetersNL-31NL-32NL-27NL-20NL-21
Vibration Level MetersVM-53VM-53AVM-55