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History of RION Viscotesters

1957: First vibration viscometer V-1201 developed.

1960: Viscotester V-1207 developed and released to the market.
This product features a rotor which is held into a liquid and rotated. The viscous resistance (torque) of the liquid acting on the rotor is used to measure the viscosity. Measurement reproducibility was excellent and handling was easy, but the complex structure of the product resulted in a high price.

1965: VT-01 for normal viscosity and VT-02 for high viscosity released.
An improvement of the VT-1207 mechanism made it possible to offer the product at a lower price point, while maintaining advantages such as high accuracy, stable performance, and good measurement reproducibility. The small size and light weight of the viscotesters facilitated on-site measurements and resulted in enhanced ease of use.

Subsequent developments include the further improved models VT-03/VT-04 and VT-03F/04F.

2013: The Viscotester VT-06 with LCD panel is released. This model continues to be available today.


The VT-06 is designed for quality control applications in the manufacturing process of industrial products such as petrochemicals, paint, and adhesives, as well as foodstuffs. Viscosity measurements covering a wide range are possible, such as gear oil used in construction machinery. Measurement is performed by simply submerging a rotor in the fluid. The resistance to rotor movement caused by the viscosity (torque) is measured to obtain direct readings.
  • Compact and light weight make the unit easily portable and allow operation with one hand
  • Can be powered by alkaline batteries, nickel-hydride rechargeable batteries, or AC adapter
  • Direct indication of viscosity in decipascal-seconds (SI units)
  • Dedicated stand for measurement available as option

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