New Pocketable Vibration Meter (RIOVIBRO) VM-63C Released

[New Products] Pocketable Vibration Meter (RIOVIBRO) VM-63C
― Full Model Change from VM-63A ―

Thank you for your continued patronage of RION products.

A new version of our ultra-compact Pocketable Vibration Meter VM-63C will be available from September, 2017. As before, this product allows performing measurements simply by holding it against the measurement target. With the introduction of the VM-63C, the production of VM-63A has ended.

Beware of counterfeit products!
Unfortunately, a large number of counterfeit products imitating the VM-63A were sold in various parts of the world on auction sites and other Internet sites. To guard against such occurrences in the future, the new VM-63C product implements the following protective measure.

The product bears a special identification label near the model number on the rear of the unit. Checking this label with the dedicated viewer supplied with the VM-63C will reveal the Rion logo and the inscription "RION" and "RION CO., LTD." in at least four colors.

The counterfeit products do not meet the quality standards of the genuine product. Measurements performed with counterfeit products will not be reliable and can lead to serious damage and accidents.
In order to ensure that you receive only products that are genuine and can be used with full confidence by customers, please purchase products only through authorized RION sales offices, subsidiaries, or distributors.
A list of RION sales offices and service centers can be found here.