About JCSS Calibration Certificate

JCSS Accredited Calibration Laboratory for Acoustics &Ultrasound,
Acceleration Measuring Instruments

The Quality Assurance Section of RION CO., LTD. has gained accreditation by the JCSS (Japan Calibration Service System) as an MRA (Mutual Recognition Arrangement) compliant operator in the category of acoustics & Ultrasound, Acceleration measuring instruments (accreditation number JCSS 0197).
JCSS is operated by the accreditation body (IA Japan) which is a signatory to the Asia Pacific Accreditation Cooperation (APAC) as well as the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC).
Being recognized as an international MRA compliant JCSS operator means that RION can issue calibration certificates bearing the ILAC MRA compliant JCSS symbol for acoustics & acceleration measuring instruments (sound level meters, measurement microphones, sound calibrators, accelerometer).
Calibration certificates with the ILAC MRA compliant JCSS symbol are recognized throughout the world.

Certificate of Accreditation

Calibration Certificate

JCSS compliant acoustic & acceleration measuring instruments

  • General-Purpose Sound Level Meter / High-Precision Sound Level Meter
    NL-43, NL-53, NL-63,NL-42, NL-52, NL-62, NL-20, NL-21, NL-22, NL-31, NL-32, NL-26, NL-27, NA-28, NA-42S
  • Measurement Microphone (1/2 Inch Condenser Microphone / 1/2 Inch Electret Condenser Microphone)
    UC-30, UC-31, UC-52, UC-53A, UC-57, UC-59
  • Sound Calibrator
    NC-74, NC-75, NC-72A (Pistonphone), NC-72B (Pistonphone),NC-72
  • Acceleration and Vibration Acceleration Level
  • Piezoelectric Accelerometer
    PV-65, PV-85, PV-86, PV-90H
* JCSS calibration can also be performed for already sold JCSS compliant products.
Please contact Rion Customer Support (Tel +81-42-359-7898).

Announce:Change of The ACCELEROMETER JCSS calibration uncertainty

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