Support status for discontinued models

  • ○... Service/calibration/repair possible.
  • △... Calibration may not be possible due to aging products.
        Repair may not be possible due to stock level of repair parts.
  • ×... Service/calibration/repair no longer possible.
  • -... Calibration is not supported.
TypeUnrepairable from April 2025RepairCalibrationsuccessor model
DA-20  △○DA-21
DA-40  ○○DA-21(2 devices synchronously connected)
LR-04 *×○LR-07
LR-06 *×○LR-07
LR-20 *×○LR-07(2 units used)
LR-20A  ○○LR-07(2 units used)
NA-17 *×-NL-63
NA-18 *×○NL-63 + NX-63RT
NA-18A *△○NL-63 + NX-63RT
NA-20 *×-NL-43
NA-23 *×-NL-43EX + NX-43RT
NA-24 *×-NL-28
NA-25 *×-NL-53
NA-26 *×○NL-28
NA-27  △○NA-28
NA-27A *△○NL-43EX + NX-43RT
NA-29 *×-NA-28 + NX-28BA
NA-29A *×-NA-28 + NX-28BA
NA-29E *×-NA-28 + NX-28BA
NA-36 *×-NA-39A(For aircraft noise)
NA-40 *×○NA-42
NA-41 *×○NA-42
NA-60 *×-NL-53
NA-61 *×-NL-53
NA-80 *×-NA-42
NA-82A *×-No successor model
NC-72  ×○NC-72B
NC-72A  △○NC-72B
NC-73 *×-NC-75
NC-74  ○○NC-75
NL-01 *×-NL-43
NL-01A *×-NL-43
NL-02 *×-NL-28
NL-02A *×-NL-28
NL-04 *×○NL-43EX
NL-05 *×○NL-28
NL-05A *×○NL-28
NL-06 *×○NL-43EX
NL-10A *×-NL-53
NL-11 *×-NL-53
NL-14 *×○NL-53EX
NL-15 *×○NL-53
NL-16 *×○NL-53EX
NL-18 *×○NL-53EX
NL-20 *△○NL-43
NL-21 *△○NL-43EX
NL-22 *△○NL-43EX
NL-26 *×○NL-28
NL-31 *△○NL-53EX
NL-32 *△○NL-53EX
NR-05  △○NR-08P
NR-06  △○NR-08P
SA-01 *△○SA-02M
SA-01A2 *△○SA-02A4
SA-01A4 *△○SA-02A4
SA-29 *×○SA-A1RTB2
SA-30 *×○SA-A1RTB2
SA-77 *×-SA-A1FTB2
SA-78  △○SA-A1FTB2
SF-05 *×-SF-06
SV-76 *×-No successor model
UG-40A *×-UG-50
UN-04  ×○UN-14
UN-04A  ×○UN-14
UV-05  ×○UV-15
UV-05A  ×○UV-15
UV-06  ×○UV-16
UV-06A  ×○UV-16
UV-12  ×○UV-22
UV-12A  ×○UV-22
VA-10 *×-VA-12
VA-11  ×○VA-12
VA-11B  △○No successor model
VA-11C  △○No successor model
VA-11M  △○No successor model
VM-14B *×-VM-55
VM-51 *×-VM-55
VM-52 *×○VM-55
VM-52A *×○VM-55
VM-53  △○VM-55
VM-53A  △○VM-55EX
VM-61 *×-VM-82A
VM-62 *×-VM-82A
VM-63 *×-VM-63C
VM-63A *△○VM-63C
VM-70 *×-No successor model
VM-80 *×-VM-83
VM-82 *△○VM-82A
VM-90 *×-No successor model
VP-26C  △○No successor model
VP-28A *×-No successor model
VP-33  ×○VP-33A
VT-03  △○No successor model
VT-03E  △○No successor model
VT-03F  △○No successor model
VT-04 *×○VT-06
VT-04E  ×○VT-06
VT-04F  △○VT-06