Free trial optional programs for sound level meters

The following free trial optional programs can be tried on your "NL-42/52/62" sound level meter for a period of 15 days.

Octave, 1/3 octave real-time analysis programNX-42RT / NX-62RT
FFT analysis programNX-42FT
Waveform recording programNX-42WR
All free trial optional programs can be installed at the same time.
The NL-52 and NL-42 should have the NX-42EX expanded function program installed first.
The free trial optional programs can be installed only one time each per unit.
Example for the Octave, 1/3 octave real-time analysis|Example for the FFT analysis

The free trial optional program installation is according to the following procedure.

●Instruments to prepare

To install the free trial optional programs from RionStation it is necessary to prepare the following items.

Sound level meter Sound level meter: class1 NL-52 (With the NX-42EX)
Sound level meter: class2 NL-42 (With the NX-42EX)
Sound level meter: class1 (with low-frequency sound measurement function) NL-62
Dedicated SD cardDedicated SD card for the sound level meter
PC PC which is connected to the internet
Supported OS: Windows XP ServicePack3 or higher, Windows7
USB cableA – mini B type


(1)Download and install RionStation
  • ①Download the setup file from "RionStation" from the following URL.
  • ②Select the 32 bit or 64 bit version to match the OS on your PC.
    ※You can check if the OS on your PC is 64bit or 32bit in "System" in the "Control Panel" in Windows.
    Download and install RionStation
(2) Install a USB driver onto your PC
  • ①Download the setup file "NA-28/NL-42/NL-52/NL-62 USB driver" from the following URL.
  • ②"To install the setup file "NA-28/NL-42/NL-52/NL-62 USB driver", follow the procedure on the website.
    Choose the 32 bit or 64 bit driver depending on the OS of your PC.
    The 32 bit setup.exe is in the “installer_x86” folder, and the 64 bit setup.exe is in the “installer_x64” folder.
(3) Start RionStation
  • ①Click the icon for RionStation to start.
    RionStation icon
  • ②The login screen will appear, enter the same email address and password as the ones you use on the log in page for RION Sound and Vibration Instruments. If you want to log in automatically after the next boot, check “Keep me logged in”.
    login screen
(4) Connect with the sound level meter
  • ①Insert the SD card to the sound level meter, connect a USB cable to your PC, and turn ON the sound level meter.
    Connect with the sound level meter
  • ②Open the menu list for the sound level meter, and select "I/O" - "Communication interface" to the "USB"
    menu list
  • ③If using Windows XP, the screen "Found New Hardware Wizard" will be displayed. Please choose "Install the software automatically [Recommended]”
    The USB driver will be installed. This procedure is required only once. And this step is not necessary in Windows7.
    Found New Hardware Wizard
(5) Product registration information to Support Room
  • ①When the message "NL-XX has not been registered with Support Room" appears, click the "Register in Support Room" button to register.
    Register in Support Room
  • ②A membership information page for “RION Sound and Vibration Instruments” will be displayed. For "Enter product information", check or enter the date of purchase, purchase purpose, and use. Then click the button "Register the products".
    You can check by clicking "Check entered content" that you have registered the correct information.
    A membership information page for “RION Sound and Vibration Instruments”
(6) Download free trial optional programs in RionStation
  • ①Select the sound level meter to perform a free trial optional program on the RionStation screen. The sound level meter that is connected is displayed in green. Click it to select.
    Then, click the “Option program free trial”.
    RionStation screen
  • ②When the screen below is displayed, click the "Next" button.
    click the
  • ③Look at the license agreement and survey requirements below, please check the two check boxes if you accept them, and click the "Next" button.
    Look at the license agreement
  • ④The survey screen will be displayed. Select the suitable check boxes, then click the "Start download" button.
    survey screen
  • ⑤When the message "The following option programs are available for free trial" is displayed, the download is done. Click the “OK” button.
    message screen
(7) Check the free trial optional program installation on the sound level meter
  • ①Turn off the sound level meter, and disconnect the USB cable from your PC.
  • ②Power on the sound level meter.
  • ③Open the menu list on the sound level meter, and select "Option" - "Option software Install"
    menu list
  • ④Check the colored circle marked in red on the NX-42WR, NX-42FT, or NX-42RT.
    The free trial optional programs are successfully installed, if they are marked with yellow circles.
(8) Unit information check

RionStation can check the firmware version of your sound level meter, as well as help you install free trial optional programs .
When the firmware is not up to date, you can update it.
If it is up to date, the display will show the following.

Unit information check