What is RionStation?

RionStation is a software application designed to improve measurement reliability. It links your owned devices to a database at RION CO.,LTD. Download RionStation
*Supported products as of December 2020 are NL-62 / NL-52 / NL-42. More products will be added in future.

1. Measurement device check

Allows checking your devices.
For example, if the firmware of a device is not up to date, RionStation will detect that and allow you to easily upgrade to the latest version.

2. Download free trial software The instruction manual is here

If new option programs become available for your device, you can download a free trial version right away.
To install the software, simply start RionStation and connect your device to the computer via USB.
RionStation can be installed free of charge.
For details on RionStation, click here.
For installation, a Support Room account is required. Click here to create an account free of charge.