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 Measure noise in a school classroom

Acoustics Measurement > Others
Use a sound level meter to measure the sound level in the classroom

 Measure high sound pressure levels

Acoustics Measurement > Others
Use a combination of NA-42 and UC-29/UC-54/UC-31, NH series to measure high sound pressure levels.

 Perform long-term recording of time waveform in multiple channels.

Acoustics Measurement > Others
The data recorders DA-21 allow recording of time waveform data in multiple channels.

 Perform filtering and arithmetic processing of time waveform

Acoustics Measurement > Others
Using waveform analysis software, various types of filtering and other processing tasks can be applied to time waveform data recorded with an analyzer or data recorder.

 Perform calibration of a sound level meter

Acoustics Measurement > Others
Using an acoustic calibrator or pistonphone, the entire sound level measurement system including the microphone can be calibrated.

 Looking for a very compact and lightweight sound level meter

Acoustics Measurement > Others
The NL-27 is an ultra compact, ultra lightweight general-purpose sound level meter. It can be easily carried in a shirt pocket.

 Record sound level or vibration level on paper media

Acoustics Measurement > Others
A level recorder is an analog device that transcribes time-based changes in sound pressure level or vibration level onto recording paper.