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 Easily measure sound level in the field

Acoustics Measurement > Noise measurement
Use a general-purpose sound level meter or high-precision sound level meter. Set frequency weighting to "A", and set time weighting to "F" (Fast) or "S" (Slow), as appropriate for the type of sound to be measured. Then measure sound level.

 Perform sound and/or vibration measurements/analysis in multiple channels

Acoustics Measurement > Noise measurement
Using a product of the multi-channel signal analyzer SA-02 series allows sound/vibration analysis in up to 32 channels.
The combination of a RIONOTE Multifunction Measurement System and the Wireless Dock SA-A1WD makes the configuration of a multi-channel system easy and convenient.

 Perform noise-based pass/fail evaluation on a production line

Acoustics Measurement > Noise measurement
This system detects abnormal sounds and vibrations of an object on a production line, for pass/fail evaluation. The evaluation can be based on sound pressure level or vibration level.

 Measure a very low-level sound

Acoustics Measurement > Noise measurement
Using a low-noise microphone and sound pressure level amplifier enables measurement of very low sound pressure levels in an anechoic chamber.