Firmware for UV-22 is upgraded.

Program name : UV-22 Firmware
Version : 1.01.01
Release date : October 13th, 2017

2.Download and Installation

Installation procedure is as follows.
※ UV-22 Viewer and USB driver are used on PC.

1. Download and Install “UV-22 Viewer” from RION web-site SUPPORT ROOM.
2. Download and Install “UV-22 USB driver” from RION web-site SUPPORT ROOM.
3. Unzip the file “”.
4. Connect AC adaptor to UV-22. The version upgrade will not be done with UV-22 alone.
Be sure to connect UV-15 or UN-14 to UV-22.
5. Connect UV-22 to PC with USB cable.
6. Turn on the power switch of UV-22.
7. Change the connection switch of UV-22 to USB position.
8. Start UV-22 Viewer and Select USB as the access point for connecting with UV-22.
9. After connecting UV-22 to UV-22 Viewer, press “Ctrl + U”. Next,
select "UV22.mot" on the file selection screen.
10. Restart UV-22 and UV-22 Viewer and connect them again.
11. After connecting UV-22 and UV-22 Viewer, press “Ctrl + U”. Next, check that the new version number "1.01.01" is displayed.

3.Software License Agreement

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Agree to the above and download