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Dec 07, 2021  Receiving the "IEC1906 Award"
Oct 22, 2021  The "RION Technical Journal" vol.2 is released.
Oct 22, 2021  RION opened "Viscometer Online Shop" for the US and Canadian customers.
Jul 12, 2021  Upgrade: Computer software SA-02 BASE Ver.4.3J-4.247
May 31, 2021  RION launches the technical information magazine, " RION Technical Journal "
Feb 01, 2021  Notice of discontinuation of piston phone NC-72A and start selling new product piston phone NC-72B
Jan 26, 2021  Upgrade: RIONOTE Firmware Ver.2.10
Jul 28, 2020  Promotion video and recognizing a counterfeit product video for VM-63C are now available.
May 27, 2020  AS-60 and AS-70 are offered free of charge for a limited time.
May 12, 2020  Notice on maintenance (cleaning and sterilization) of RION Sound & Vibration measuring instruments
May 11, 2020  Notification about AC adapter NC-98E
Mar 23, 2020  Upgrade: Computer software SA-02 BASE Ver.4.3J-4..244
Mar 23, 2020  The manual on how to import data to PC of NL-42, NL-52, NL-62, VM-55 and VM-56 is released.
Mar 03, 2020  Regards to the delivery status notification due to the new coronavirus
Feb 10, 2020  Upgrade: RIONOTE Firmware Ver.2.9
Nov 29, 2019  The technical journal, "Shake Hands" vol.10 is released.
Nov 14, 2019  Upgrade: VM-55 Firmware Ver.1.3
Nov 06, 2019  Upgrade:Excel Macro VM-56_VX-56RT.xlsm for processing data from VM-56 Ver.1.2.0
Sep 06, 2019  We will participate in Automotive Testing Expo China 2019.
Sep 05, 2019  Waveform analysis Software AS-70/AS-70GV Ver. 2.2 is released.